What do we do about Murdoch and his ersatz news organization? We hire him to do bigger, better and cheaper what our government buffoons can barely do at all. Remember, he is still the enemy of our enemy…

Listen: It’s always easier to fix the blame than fix the problem. So now that we’ve blamed Murdoch, what’s to be done about the problem?

Precisely the same thing we do with hackers that get inside corporate and government main computer systems?

We hire them.

Well, Murdoch isn’t in the newspaper business, anyway. He’s in the entertainment and gossip trade. Some scribe accused him of being a lobbyist.


I think governments ought to hire his News Corp. organization and put it to work doing what the government bureaucracies ain’t doing worth a damn.

Murdoch’s organization got all this information phone hacking and paying off Scotland Yard cops — as well as an assortment of other sordid, sweaty palms — to get information everyone else also wanted.

Heck, the FBI and the CIA and all our other motley so-called security pit bosses ought to dash to embrace this journalistic facsimile – especially with Congress desperately brainlocked to cut trillions of dollars in deficits and expenditures.

Do we really need Homeland Security when we have 15 other duplicate and over-armed federal agencies with their collective feet perched up on the Ottoman?

Murdoch’s boys can certainly do bigger, better and cheaper whatever too many of our government goofballs don’t seem to understand in economic terms — like the millions of tax dollars spent to NOT determine if Roger Clemens used steroids is actually one of the many hush-hush reasons why we must hike our debt ceiling.


Companies that do something successfully as a business are performing what is known as entrepreneurship and free enterprise. That’s what you call working on your own dime – not the taxpayers’ unending dollars.

If our government was run more like a business and less like charity ward for lawyers and consultants and politicians and all the Third World countries then the Chinese wouldn’t be laughing at us all the way to their banks.

It only cost Murdoch a few million dollars to pay those guys at Scotland Yard and the other tipsters off. And his information was much better than the billions of dollars we spent (to name just one of our billions of egregious gaffes) on the non-existent weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

Well, wasn’t it?

If nothing else, just consider how many hundreds of millions of bucks our secret agents paid Afghanistan President Karzai’s now assassinated step-brother for deceitful information.

Murdoch could have gotten us something much closer to duh truth for 20 cents on a dollar. And we definitely wouldn’t have built the most expensive – and still growing – shoddiest 64-mile highway to nowhere there in the mountains for $250 million.

When I worked and lived in Russia I would be interviewed by the FBI upon my returns. And I would retort to their inane questions by asking: Are you and the CIA the last two agencies in the entire world that don’t know the Soviet Union is falling apart?

Now we even have another absurdity in this pretentious Murdoch matter that shouldn’t have amounted to anything more than a heavy fine and castigation.

Legal experts (now there’s an oxymoron) note that allegations that police at Scotland Yard received payoffs in return for information, risk placing News Corp. in violation of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Oh, puh-lease! Obviously this country has a shortage of proctologists to dislodge our heads out of our dirt canals.

The officious Act makes it a crime for American firms to bribe foreign officials.


The line for laughing cynics forms behind me all duh way around the D.C. beltway.

What is this: Bubba Clinton under examination, asking his inquisitor to — define sex?

Well, go ahead, define ‘bribe’.

Because no matter how you define it, everyday in every way and every how it goes on by vertical men and women assuming the position. The world is run by big business more than prone to do the little things that keep them big. We’re all whores, babe. The only question is: Are you buying or selling yourself today?

And furthermore, what do you think our government does, if not bribe every bozo-the-dictator-clown to perhaps be our friend for a day longer? And buy our stuff or sell their stuff.

Our government-retards put in people like the Shah and take out folks like Allende in Chile. Don’t let me get started on excoriating either Bush, or Ollie North, or the endless cabal of nazi Boy Scouts who parade around with jingoistic patriotism pinned to their lapels.

Our heads, like that mentally challenged Bush, refunded us a couple of hundred dollars while he was shipping billions to Iraq and Pakistan and all those ersatz countries using his friends’ services.

And meanwhile we’re spending billions telling Afghanistan and Iraq and Pakistan and India and northern Africa and the Mideast and just about anyone with a greedy hand and low-ball IQ on how to live and govern like us.

Look, what the Murdoch Bunch did (and no doubt still doing) ain’t kosher. I definitely don’t condone it or the venal vapid appeal it has to that rank and file hoi polloi.

But it wasn’t nearly as abhorrent as what Bush and Dick and ‘Asscroft’ and the rest of the Sodomites did with the Patriot Act and their quiet coup that decimated our human rights as much as our habeas corpus.

What is inevitable in this country and this world is Big Brother. With social media like FaceBook and Twitter, etc., people – and especially the young and the dumb — are already taking their malodorous stupidities public. They’ve put themselves nakedly in play.

I mean, they’re giving it away easier and faster than a nymphomaniac.

But that’s how it works. The game may change, but the seduction is the same.

We are no wiser today than we were in the days before Vietnam, or the Great Crash, or the Bolshevik revolt or the slaughter in Rwanda.

Allow me to say it once again: The enemies of wisdom are the assurances of dogma and the arrogance of certainty.

And, if anything, we are certainly dogmatic.

About what?


And why?

Well, just because many of us ‘Einsteins’ got us one of dem sheepskins from one of dose overpriced, overnight camps we call a university don’t mean we still ain’t nothing but stoopid.

So, why is it – I ask you — that the stoopidest people who know the least, always seem to know it the loudest?

And silly me. Here I always thought the best substitute for the lack of brains was silence.


Which brings us back to Murdoch and his bunch of hacking buccaneers. What they did was wrong. But so what? What most of us fools do is wrong. But somehow we manage to shrug off the beatings our fathers gave us.

We’ve been warned about the veracity of Murdoch’s news organizations and Page 7 girls for years. Yet what he serves up has an animal magnetism for so many of us who have spent our lives swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool.

And once he got us by the balls he knew our hearts and minds would follow.

You were expecting something else? Nu?

Now if you were anticipating Murdoch’s world to treat you fairly because you view yourself as a good person, that’s like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian.

We live in a world that ain’t fair, nor right. It’s is life the way it is. And, indeed, it is always easier to fix the blame than the problem.

So put the enemy to work for us. He not only will do it bigger, better and cheaper, it will demonstrate the old saw: that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

And dats yDrewIS on DIS penal colony.

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