Has anyone seen progress? We all are looking for it. But no one knows what it really tastes like. Is it considered progress if a cannibal uses a knife and fork?…

Let me ask you something: Is it considered progress if a cannibal uses a knife and fork?


Perhaps, for professional courtesy, I should define the cannibal about whom I am speaking. It is someone who eats you ‘after’ you are dead. I am not referring to those Wall Street predators, as well as those pettifoggers of law, who tear you limb from limb and eat you while you’re still alive.

With me so far?

So, the question still on the dinner menu is: What is considered progress?

Because no matter how hard I ride my rocking horse I cannot make any progress on progress. A lot of motion, but no bloody progress.

Sometimes I think I am losing my mind. But then again, you really can’t lose something that you already gave away.

The trouble is, there is little or nothing to point to. Or, more likely, we confuse the perception of progress with merely exchanging one nuisance for another nuisance.

Racism was a nuisance before Rosa Parks sat down in 1955. But that has been exchanged with the nuisance of the demise of our public schools, tortuous unemployment, higher crime and moral disorder…among other things.

It’s a moving target, don’t you think?

Do I need to talk about Washington?

There, we have a President who inherited a mess from one of our most incompetent administrations of ‘W’ Bush and Dick and Sodomites. He inherited Bush’s wars that have only gotten worse; Bush’s economy that has all but tanked, and his debts which have multiplied exponentially.

What Obama has learned is Washington is not a town for neophytes and ingénues. And especially not for anyone looking for a heart donor.

His Obama-care looks destined to be filleted. And his jobs program bill is probably going to suffer like Sisyphus climbing the mountain of discontent.

Now don’t misunderstand me here: Obama deserves to be dunked in the cesspool also. He wanted the damn job. He got it. And now he’d better well figure out a way to salvage matters. As in: Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt!

The trouble is that no one seems to be seeking that elusive progress. Or even knowing how.

Everyone – that is, Republicans and Democrats and the rest of us ingrates — just want to win. That is, each side wants to get the credit by blaming the other. Of course, it is always easier to fix the blame than fix the problem.

But where’s the progress in any of that? It’s like having Alzheimer’s and forgetting where you hid your Easter eggs. We are forgetting our history of amazing feats when we actually accomplished things when we didn’t care who got the credit.

Yet, we, the so-called eponymous ‘American people’, get what we always have gotten – bad politicians elected by good people who didn’t vote.

Foolish me.  And I always irrationally thought that the aim of argument and discussion wasn’t victory, but progress – you know: moving matters along. Getting from point A to B.

And progress, my dear, faint-hearted, lily-livered worshippers of the lesser Bacchanalian g-d, requires risk. There are no guarantees in life, except for your mother and alumni association always tracking you down.

Everything requires risks.


To put it in baseball terms: You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.

The way I read the tea leaves, discontent is supposed to be the bon fire of our rallying cry. Discontent is the first necessity of progress. No matter what language you may utter, the translation is still the same: Discontent creates change.

And it’s no secret that the two things we got plenty of is: nothing and discontent.

Furthermore, most of us, especially moi, are disillusioned to boot. To put some mustard on that hotdog, I was always taught from the great castrated Swami perched atop the Ivory Tower that disillusionment is the first step to enlightenment.


So we got all these underpinnings, — no doubt just like the end of the world forecasts — yet progress is still sitting there getting dumber, uglier and fatter.

Look at Congress. Do many of them look like they’ve skipped a free meal at the taxpayer’s public trough scurrying to make progress? In fact, my bloody congressman is so fat that the Liberty Bell is now only the second biggest thing with a crack.

We need to advance our chess pieces, make something that looks-like, smells-like and maybe even tastes-like progress. On any front. And that means we gotta change the way the game is being played.  I mean, who’s making the rules? Whose country is it, anyways?

Is anybody listening, or am I speaking to those folks drinking the whiskey bottles dry in Buffalo?

Progress is impossible without change. And those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. It’s no secret that minds are like parachutes; they only function when they’re open. But the only thing those guys and girls have open is their mouths – from which they are shouting and shooting.

Everybody’s talking. Nobody’s making any sense: especially the ever forgotten ‘common sense.’ Nobody’s listening. The Republicans ain’t got no heart and the Democrats ain’t got no balls. So why grab ‘em by the balls if they ain’t got no heart to follow?

I’ve said it before and I’ll keeps saying it: If you’re talking you ain’t listening. If you ain’t listening you ain’t learning. If you ain’t learning there can never be any peace. And I come in peace…Just don’t peeese me off!

But, like I asked at the start: What is considered progress?

Change is not always progress, but so what? It gets matters moving. Discourse spawned. Reaction generated. And finally something we “duh American people” can touch, see and hear happening.

Ideas feed off each other. One thing leads to another. The fact is: You definitely cannot make progress without making decisions – even if they do smell like the south end of a northbound mule.

This is not a free fall. It isn’t a streamer plunging you screaming to a fatal sudden stop on earth.

It is simply considering the possibilities of making progress of one-for-all- and-all-for-one.

Yet, perhaps we have made some progress here. Even if it is all in a matter that we don’t quite comprehend.

We now understand that some ingredients of progress are doubt, discontent, disillusionment, decisions, disappointment, discourse, reaction and change.

So we’ve advanced the argument a tad. Or maybe a great deal. It’s just like our civilization. You can’t say it doesn’t advance. For, in every war it kills you in a new, more progressive way.

And dat yDrewIS on DIS penal colony

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