It may be a sin to believe evil in others, but seldom a mistake. Evil succeeds when good men do nothing. Supporting your local “Occupy Wall Street” group of protesters may be the closest participation you’ll ever have with your government.

If you’ve heard this before, please don’t stop me…I need to hear it again…and again…to make sure I heard it right. Or at all. Afterall, I’m a guy. I mean: women fake orgasms – guys fake listening.

By now you’ve surely heard that those banks and trading houses like Citigroup and Goldman Sacks and JP Morgan got fined a paltry few hundred million dollars by the Securities and Exchange Commission for defrauding investors out of billions in those scandalous mortgage related investments.

You did ‘hear’ this, didn’t you? If you didn’t, you’ve been swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool far too long.

Now, do the bloody math. This few hundred million dollars is a pittance of their multi-billion dollar quarterly profits. Citigroup, alone, earned nearly $4 billion in profits on revenues of over $20 billion in the third quarter!

But what is unconscionable is that no banking executives got hit with any criminal charges. Yet, once again. Do you comprehend that Citigroup bet against its own investors?

Are you following me, here?

Isn’t this why the “Occupy Wall Street”, as well as the rest of the ‘Occupy’ movement that has garnered steam in 900 cities in 82 countries in the past month, is apoplectic? And why aren’t we, also?

“Banks gets bailed out. We get sold out.”
“Banks get breaks. We get broke.”
“I’ll believe banks and corporations are people when Texas executes one.”

Meanwhile, Citigroup’s audacity continues to crow. In its public statement it noted that the S.E.C. did not charge it with “intentional or reckless misconduct. But that it settled charges that its actions were negligent and misleading to investors.”

Hmm… This is the stuff that exacerbates my stutter and facial tic. This is in a world where other banks, like Bank of America, are going to start punishing us for using our debit cards because the Feds finally got around to limiting them for overcharging merchants for Debit card swipes.

For years the banks have been raking in excessive profits off, what officials called, an unfair and anticompetitive interchange system.

Like I said at the top, folks, stick with me here. This going to be a bumpy ride.
If you aren’t Helen Keller or short on oxygen, by now you’ve heard Lowe’s, the huge nationwide construction and home supply chain, is cutting its plans, by nearly 60 percent, in opening up new stores. It believes the economic slump, euphemistically known as the recession, isn’t ending any time between now and my future-next-divorce.

And while the news may prompt you to drink heavily there are always our politicians to provide a menu of exasperating entertainment.

You have no doubt heard of the corruption trials by Republican and Democrat powerhouses in State Houses around the country.

In Pennsylvania, alone, there is former iron-fisted Republican John Perzel singing to save his ignominious ass.

At the same time the government is pressing a Judge in Philadelphia to extend his 55-month sentence of former Democratic Senate autocrat and MENSA charlatan Vince Fumo for lavishly “overspending” Other People’s Money – namely ours.

Now, if you haven’t heard about this stuff — and much more — all I can say is my dear ol’ bourbon sippin’ Pappy was right: You can’t go broke underestimating human stoopidity.

“Politicians and all their corporate buddies are able to rob, rape, pillage and steal so easily,” he’d spew, “because the rest of us are too damn busy watching football!”

Let me put it my way: If brains were dynamite we couldn’t even blow our nose.

Look, you don’t need to be an Einstein to recognize what he meant when he declared that the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has it limits. So, why aren’t we out there protesting – or at least supporting the “Occupy” protestors?

They are in a city near you. Or do you just think all our problems are going to simply disappear. Go merrily away.

Hey, the reason evil succeeds is that good men do nothing. We have been so distracted by football and baseball, getting erections and Hollywood boobs we have barely had the inclination to notice as our rights have been seized and our government of corporations is schtooping us here and there – especially since 911.

The Patriot Act was never intended to protect us, but control and punish us all for the acts of a handful. In some places in America you can’t even buy a house unless you willingly pay a few extra shekels for some toothless bureaucrat who spent 12 years in the 3rd grade to check to see if you are a terrorist.

I ain’t getting naked here for nothing folks.

And, meanwhile, if you want to protest any of this, you need a permit. In other words, you need permission from the very people you are protesting.

Imagine the American colonists seeking consent from the bloody Brits for the Boston tea party.

Look, I am not smarter than anybody. Or then again, maybe you all are just dumber than I am. But we seem to be suffering a massive coronary of denial. It’s like those Australian folks in Nevil Shute’s 50-year-book and movie: “On the Beach.”

The nuclear bomb radiation poisoning, that has killed everyone else in the world, is inexorably drifting their way. They know it. Yet, everyone tries to continue to act in a normal, everyday, reasonable fashion. As if life will go on as we have always known it.

Just like us as the radioactive contamination and fall out clouds of Wall Street, Washington and Beijing grows in preponderance. We move our roars and reverberations right next door from the baseball fields to the football stadiums.

Instead, we should be cheering for the “Occupy” protesters. And why don’t we? Because we still hold fast to the Biblical belief that a Mesiah will save us from our own ignorance and stoopidity.

But meanwhile, we got cell phone companies sticking it in our ears. And the price of cars keep going up to traverse our cratered roads lined with bridges that are tumbling.

By now you know the cost of your cable service is rising. And the price of popcorn and a soda at the movies is about equivalent to a steak dinner down the road.

It’s a ludicrous cycle. For every door we close, the corporate rug rats find 100 more to open. It’s a circle of lunacy, like wiping your butt with a hula hoop: no beginning, no end, no point.

The repetition and redundancy of evil enterprise goes unchecked, unbalanced until the stink of its massive capital carnage forces good men to finally get around to doing what they should have done when they were still young and moral.

As it is, we are over regulated, over-lawed and over taxed by a system of politicians more interested in harvesting all they can from the public trough when they should be planting the seeds for our future.

And what’s our salvation?

By now you’ve heard, we’ve got a lot of Pentecostals and Evangelicals out there trying to establish a theocracy to set matters straight before G-d gets irate enough to pop in and permanently rearrange our furniture.

Hey, we all know that dem folks don’t always have the sound on in their mental jukebox. But they are absolutely correct in that we got a bloody Armageddon of moral disorder in this meshugehnah world.

So, for the last time, I am urging one and all to shut off your TVs, forget your Viagra, and contribute something to the mixed vegetable bag of determined and courageous souls that are bringing you: Occupy Philadelphia or Occupy Wall Street, or Occupy Los Angeles and all the rest.

Just go out and help them occupy now, before we have nothing to occupy later.

Hey, I know it is a sin to believe evil in others, but it is seldom a mistake.

And dats yDrewIS on DIS penal colony.

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