In war we don’t determine who is right, only who is left. In elections power belongs not to those who cast votes, but to those who count them. This can all be changed. But if you can’t change your mind you can’t change anything.

Here’s what I don’t understand – at least  about how we vote and fight wars: If we’re so smart, or at least evolved, how is it that we keep electing the same stupid people who keep sending our young men and women to bleed, die and lose chunks of themselves, in the same stupid wars waged by the same stupid, greedy old men.


This isn’t a trick or treat question, unless you really do illustrate, as that magazine stipulated, that Philadelphia is the top major city in America with fat, ugly, dumb, stoopid and poor people.

We gotta start thinking outside the box of candy, folks…

Wars, like elections, don’t determine who is right; only who is left. And in elections we voters don’t decide much of anything except the inevitable; as we learned in Florida, those who ‘count’ the voting chads decide everything.

Meanwhile the remedy is always so simple and obvious. We have all this new multi-zillion dollar technology, and yet we still body count everything with our fingers and toes, from the ballot boxes to the boxes of body bags with our war dead.

We keep doing the same stuff the same way over and over and over, expecting – actually hoping and praying — for different results.

Didn’t Einstein call this insanity?

So why do we bother to have all this new technology? Why did we race to build the Atomic Bomb with the Manhattan Project in World War II? Hell’s bells, why is American Idol able to represent our country’s voters better than the electoral college?

In war, indeed, there is no second prize for the runner up. So, since WWII, why do we keep coming in second? Why do we keep declaring ‘wars’ if we’re not intending on winning them? If we are not doing whatever is necessary to win them.  And yes, the end does justify the meanness.

It’s no secret that we are not winning the hearts and minds of the people whose countries we’ve invaded even when there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction. And, at the same time, we’re losing the hearts and minds and blood of too many high-tech American soldiers that are being killed or having pieces of their lives robbed by an enemy on horseback.

Now we all know that it was one of the worst presidents in American history that got us into our present bloodletting, as well as the worst economic times since the Great Depression. That pusillanimous piece of genitalia, Bush, and his pernicious sidekick ‘Dick’.

And of course the king of idiots Donald Rumsfeld whose credentials consist of a trail of sacrificed bodies in accumulating his tidy fortune while forever being an ass on the public dole.

Gee, I wonder how he did that?


Unfortunately, it is all of our faults. Laws and government should be like clothes – made to fit the people they serve.

And when the government stops serving its people, you don’t change the people thru obtuse Draconian Patriot Acts or by covering up the breasts of marble statues, like Bush’s erstwhile U.S. Attorney General ‘Asscroft.’

You change the bloody government, idiot.

But most of us can’t change a damn thing until we first learn to change our minds. And that would require some high octane chimney fuel and too much effort on most of our parts.

Also push-aways: as in push-away from the TV, the computer, the cell phone and any other distraction we’ve been seduced by into the nether world T&A that prompts us to abuse ourselves.

Actually, let’s be honest, most of us don’t give a damn – that is until everything gets damned up. As long as we have loose shoes, a steady piece of prime pulchritude and a warm place to shit, we be on tops of duh world. And strutting our stuff.

We be bad-asses.

Look, all I can say is that while we have been surrendering to our carnal needs and distracted by our Monday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and any other day that ends in ‘y,’ heroin doses of football, indecent folks like Bush and the rest of the 1 percent have been waging war. Evil never sleeps.

And what is the first casualty of war?

Truth, my stoopid, silly humpback American rabbits. After truth, everything is all madness.

But don’t go running naked into downtown traffic. This can be fixed. We have the technology. We have the capabilities. What we don’t have is the wherewithal to pull our ostrich-like hard heads out of all the dirt canals that are distracting us with terror about our daily credit rating.

Aww…fook ‘em!

Remember, power is never given away; power belongs to those who seize it. And they seize it by inflicting lies and fear. Just like the Nazis. Just like Bush. Just like your banks and insurance agents.

And, just like the old saying goes: Those who get you to believe absurdities will get you to commit atrocities.

Recently I heard a top general admonish us that our biggest threat in the near future was: “Iran, Iran, Iran.”

No shit. When they are squared-jawed and likeable, it’s hard to feed that famine moaning between his ears.

I said: Before Iran wasn’t it Iraq. Then Afghanistan. Then Hussein. Then Khadafy.  Then the Viet Cong. Then the North Koreans….Then the Russians. Then the krauts. The Japs. The Italians. The Turks…. Hell, we’ve fought most of the world. Jawboned victory while defeat was knocking us on our asses. And gone home to do it all over again with new faces in new countries.

Come on here, General, I said rather politely. You’re selling us a bunch shit. And whether it is overpriced-organic or not, it is still the same ol’ shit we hear about dis and dat country or dose people every couple of years.

Furthermore, now we have much bigger guns for weapons. Heck, half our gross national product is used to develop the big lugs. So why do we have them?

So, now that we do, here’s what we do: We make agreements with the nuclear-armed countries and point our missile heads at locales where al-Qaeda and the rest of the restive drums are beating.

Then we let it be known in no uncertain terms: We come in peace – just don’t peece us off.

If you do, dial in the particular stone age where you want your ashes post delivered.



But life ain’t fair already. Unless you’re a liberal who thinks it’s only fair that everyone wear brown-neutered shoes and drive battered sexless Volvos.

Furthermore, now with over 30 years of computers we have the technology and the geeks to change the way we vote, how we vote and vote out America’s ridiculous “1-party system.”

Remember, this ain’t up to those constipated, overpaid, alienated clowns donning their gay $3,000 seminary black suits in Washington. They ain’t gonna give up their free seat at the gratis feeding frenzy.

Yet, through our computers we can do away with the old party system and get petitions to vote for the best candidate. In fact the incipient stages of such a promotion is forthcoming: Americans Elect.

It’s way past time we changed the way things just aren’t getting done. Remember, it is our decision – not the decision of some lobbyist, or lawyer or legislator. Believe it or not, they work for us, on our taxdollars. They are to advise us, not to decide or dictate.

What we have to remember throughout all this nonsense that is battering us to scamper into our rabbit holes is that we are not here to be or become a slave to the tyranny of the past.

Nothing is too sacred to be touched and changed. If we don’t change, we become what we are today: corrupted and constipated.

Our forefathers did not possess a wisdom more than human. It is our government. It is our country. They are our laws. Everything can be changed with examination. Or not changed. But if we don’t change matters the way we want them to change, someone will alter our life anyway. And badly.

War and elections are all wars. There is little difference. The battlefields are left just as crimson. We’ve got new tools of war. New weapons. They enabled the Arab spring. For, as always, the shortest distance between two people, two things, two countries, two worlds, two ideas is communication.

Wars and elections are when people supposedly find out what politicians stand for. And for too long it has been the time that politicians find out what people will fall for.

Before such inanities go nuclear, those days should be officially declared to have lost their pulse. The other day we commemorated Pearl Harbor and our entrance into WWII.  The Japs killed some 2,500 of our servicemen that day. And four years later we dropped the bomb that killed a couple hundred thousand of them.



Just remember, when wars become nuclear all men are cremated equal.

And dats yDrewIS on DIS penal colony.

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