If Dick Cheney would have shot Trayvon Martin would they have called it another hunting accident? Would they have termed it a racist thing, or just another stupid act by another rich white guy with a gun license…

Six years back when Bush’s Vice President ‘Dick’ shot that Texas attorney perilously close to death everybody who had something to gain or maintain, quickly called it a “hunting accident.”

Had that fellow-hunting-fool died of his heart attack and collapsed lung caused by ‘duh Dick’s’ birdshot pellets, I wonder what they would have called it then? I mean, not withstanding that the deceased would have been just one more ‘dead lawyer’.

Hmm… I promised to refrain from dead skunks in the road jokes.

The fact is: It was a bunch of rich, fat, white folks in high political positions shooting overfed, lethargic quail with no political clout. And, like most amateur hunters, anything they turned on would have been shot by accident.

But one thing is for sure: No Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson would have been stompin’ and marchin’ down near Kingsville in southeastern Texas where the hard scrabble cowboys, like their undiscerning bullets, don’t give a Lone Star hoot about who they run into.

Which naturally brings us to the Florida shooting of Trayvon Martin, a teenager, and George Zimmerman, a young man with a gun. We know very few absolute facts except, sadly this, for certain: George is alive. Trayvon is dead.

All the rest of the he said, or he did and didn’t do stuff is suppose to come out in court – not the court of public opinion, but the court of justice. That is if there is such a thing as the truth and nuttin’ but duh truth.

Everybody lies. Everybody is lying. It ain’t the first time. Certainly won’t be the last – considering the dishonorable history of human nature.

But why is this, wrongfully, a political circus of civil rights instead of simply a matter of right and wrong?

You know, those morals G-d gave Moses to bring down to civilize us  immoral folks. That is, before the lawyers got to corrupting and usurping them for nothing more than the venal vapid business of buying BMW’s, summer homes and expanding their waistlines.

I don’t know – or care — what Sharpton and Jackson and the here-today-but-quickly-gone-tonight hoodie marchers are all about. As far as I can gather – and remember, I see little reason to gather much about another ignominious moment in our stupid history – this isn’t merely a black and white thing.

This is just another horrific stupid backfire of human internal combustion – like the unexamined thousands of other killings in the USA each year — concocted by a witch’s brew of arrogance, insolence and too damn much savage arrested brain development.

The only all black person is the victim, Trayvon. The guy who shot and killed him is half white – just like President Obama. Our U.S. Attorney General, who has gotten some of his federal boys looking into parts of this mess that the locals seemed to have overlooked, is black, even though he looks mostly white.

Nothing is simply black and white anymore. And everything is. As noted by one of our recent all Black mayors in Philadelphia who not long ago uttered: Make no mistake about it, this city is now in the hands of the brothers and sisters.


Let’s make no mistake about this either: Racism is still alive and thriving in America from any and all of us. As is anti-Semitism. Anti Asian. Anti alien. Anti Black. As is anti anything that may or may not be fundamentally white or Christian.

When financier Bernie Madoff was finally caught in his massive Ponzi scheme all the news reports for days and weeks screamed he was a Jew. When some fundamentalist, misguided Arabs do something here or elsewhere all we hear for days is that they were bloody Muslims.

I didn’t hear that the Enron crooks were White guys. Or Christians. Or even Catholics. I don’t hear that Newt Gingrich who was unelected from Congress and former Senator and V.P. could-have-been John Edwards being called Protestant, white antichrists for their lying, cheating, double-and-triple-women dealing ways.

This country does not have a white majority anymore and yet we treat the non-white folks as the aberration, the people who are different from the rest.

But that’s a scream for another day.

Today is about paying the price for the monster that has always simmered in all of us. And the monsters we create in sending boys to kill in ignoble holocausts called Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. Or by celebrating movies that glorify idiots who shoot before they ever even consider thinking.

We have a dead teenager who shouldn’t be dead and a live young man who may have to pay the same price for stupidly putting himself in the wrong place at the wrong time with a loaded gun that shot bullets that kill people whether they are white or black or red or yellow or brown. Or even just tanned from the Florida sun.

I don’t know what really happened that night in that place in Florida. We’ll never know the truth – whatever that is. All we know is Zimmerman’s side of the story and the alleged contentions of those people protesting with and without hoodies.

We are assuming that Zimmerman who at 250 pounds had some preconceived notions about a kid who weighed 100 pounds less and was black, carried a cell phone and ate Skittles.

What I do know is that Florida, as well as some other states, have these stand-your-ground laws along with some empowered vigilante town watch groups who may be having more than a bad hair day.

This is more bad chemicals stirred into that witches brew that creates monsters of folks in places with too many guns and too few brains.

I have nothing against guns. But I do know that some men get confused by that old Army chant: This is your rifle. This is your gun. This is for shooting. This is for fun.

If you fail to grasp the message my only cue is that just one of them is intended to be used during sex – that is, unless you’re into necrophilia.

The question that lingers is: What would Zimmerman have been doing if he didn’t have a gun? And sanctioned by Florida’s stand-your-ground law – a law that seems more than a tad peculiar in our society that has too few jobs, a poor public education system, and too many 40 ounce bottles of rot-gut beer permeating among folks drinking to forget they don’t have an education or a job. And the only familiarity they have with gated communities is prison.

Without a gun, Zimmerman probably wouldn’t have been tailing Trayvon. And then, he wouldn’t have ended up killing Trayvon.

Now I am not saying Trayvon was totally innocent. We all habor serious doubts. But what the hell could he have been doing to merit being shot and killed? Or even under such predatory suspicion?

He wasn’t even hunting with our ex-notorious Vice-President Dick. And all that Harry Whittington, duh Texas lawyer, was doing was hunting on the same 100,000 acre Texas spread in the line of fire of that dumb-ass Dick.

Folks like Sharpton and Jackson, as we all should admit, have done a lot of good things to bring needed attention to some bad things that were mostly racial. But this isn’t one of them.

This is just political hay for two reluctantly aging civil rights semi-retirees who are acting more like Don Quixote chasing windmills.

Maybe I am just tired of the nonsense: the rhetoric; the mythomania , the bullshit from all sides.

When Whittington was shot by Dick he told the press that “accidents do happen.”

Sometimes they do. And sometimes they are only look that way. And sometimes we just find ourselves in the line of fire. It doesn’t matter, because most the time most of us don’t really know what we are looking at right before our very eyes: Is it the scene of a crime or an accident?

For the most part, we only see what we recognize and hear what we understand.

I can tell you this: stupidity is no excuse. No matter how many of Zimmerman’s black friends step forward in his behalf, he did something as stupid as driving drunk or hunting with Dick Cheney. He put himself in a stupid, no-win Greek tragedy. And stupidity definitely has its consequences, earning us what we deserve.

But as my dear ol’ bourbon sippin’ Pappy used to exhale between omnipotent puffs on his omniscient corn-cob pipe: If we all got what we deserved, there wouldn’t be enough folks left to bury us.

And dats yDrewIS on DIS penal colony…

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