Over $2 billion was spent to sell us a President for the next four years. Yet Congress, corporations and Wall Street won’t even spend the time to hear that money can’t buy you love. Hell, most of those guys couldn’t even get laid in a whorehouse with a fistful of fiftys…

I had just voted. And I didn’t know whether to feel a little satisfied or a lot frightened. All I knew is that the choice had never been as difficult as it was this time. Nor as meaningless once again.

Or, perhaps as my Buddhist friend with an MBA from Wharton School of Economics, informed me: No matter. It was a false choice, anyway.


But it does matter. And besides, all choices are false. But we exist through faith. So, I ask you. I mean all of you who actually cast your ballot. That is, with an open heart. Without voting for or against somebody because of religion, race or whatever mendacity you contrived in the brothel’s mirrors over the bed…

Before you cast your vote did you pause to consider: That the country we will be handing off to our children and our divorced grandchildren and our neighbor’s tattooed daughters is nothing resembling the country that was handed off to us?

And what is past has passed away.

America today is a faded portrait of the country framed by our erudite, multilingual forefathers. That is, a government supposedly upheld by a parchment quilled by men. A constitution – or so they would have us believe – that transcends the evolution and future prudence of human intelligence.

Hmm… But of course… Like the Bible, Koran, Talmud, et al.

That’s why this was a landmark Presidential campaign we voted in yesterday. It will be bench-marked and as celebrated as the Kennedy – Nixon first televised debates.

To claim its historical footnote the sitting President and his challenger to the throne outspent any campaign since the coronation of George Washington and his wooden teeth.

And, in doing so, Obama and Romney soared to a startling stratosphere — like Bob Beamon’s record Olympic long jump thru the rarefied altitude of Mexico City — for future excessive campaign gluttony to amplify.

And they will. For it takes money, money and more money to mollify any public suspicion that this might not actually be a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

The Elephants and Donkeys spent over $2 billion dollars to sell us a President for the next four, very-short years. That was just the accounted-for expenditures. The so-called legitimate money. Donated mostly by the 1% who refuse to stoop to recognize and hear what those down-and-out-of-work ‘Occupy’ Philadelphia, Wall Street, and everywhere else had been stipulating very loudly: That money can’t buy you love!

Even if the service comes back twice. Or thrice! For another roll. And not just on your dice.

And meanwhile, some organization tallied that all together in all the political campaigns nationwide there were more than 2 million ads this election cycle. Costing billions more.

To view the endless parade of lies, deceits and dunces would require you – by now it should be unequivocally clear that ‘you’ have been designated as ‘the American people’ — to sit 24/7 for a least a 2 year period. Or until you no doubt went impotent. Or overdosed on French fries. Or just begged to be run over by a furniture van rumbling down the sidewalk.

Do you wonder why I am totally petrified? Apoplectic? And keep falling off my stationary bike?

I used to think that everybody’s vote counted for something. That you weren’t making such clear cut choices between a good America, or an evil America. But merely deciding on a better America.

And then along came newspapers and movies and radio and television and voice mail and social internet — not to mention ads on the back of the doors of turnpike pay-toilets.

And what we have left is a country devoid of common sense. Instead we are inundated with polls, studies, reports and surveys all delivered by crafty consultants. They get us to believe absurdities in order to convince us to commit atrocities. All in the name of the Fatherland.

Isn’t it simply astounding that despite our capability to garner knowledge and information readily accessible from our computer ‘clouds,’ we persist to be as cognitively ignorant and stoopid as the Roman empire’s uneducated hoi polloi.

That 2,500-years-ago jetsam and flotsam lusted after little more than gladiators hacking and whacking each other off in a coliseum – merely for insatiable entertainment that demanded unappeasable encores.

No different than today. Only we dim-wits fret more about the mercenaries that simply play a simple game of football for billion dollar benefits of professional gamblers, than we do about the perfidious political mercenaries who carelessly gamble our tax dollars on their own personal, bridge-to-nowhere benefits.

And most of us don’t even seem to care.

In fact, we are not only indifferent. We think there is some messianic holy elixir to save us – if not purify our toxic, duplicitous lives. That as long as we have ‘loose shoes and a warm place to shit’ there will always be someone looking out for us.

We don’t stop to think that ‘someone’ once sold us a pet rock… Now it is water…Tomorrow, maybe oxygen?

Like Bishop TuTu admonished in painful reflection: When the missionaries came they had the bibles and we had the land. When we finished praying and opened our eyes, they had the land and we had the bibles.

It’s over now. The election, I mean. Which is no more or less than another ballot in an endless string of profligate elections.  And for what? That perhaps one day our choice will really matter longer than a football game. Perhaps like my Buddhist MBA friend related: It really is a false choice.

Yet, in truth we have little other choice. For, if you don’t turn on, even to the false choices of politics, then politics will turn on you. Inevitably it always does. The campaign never ends. Along with the agenda. The pursuit.  Evil is very organized. That’s how ‘duh-other-guy’ usually wins, especially over those of us who can’t be bothered to persevere, or at least demonstrate a peeping-tom’s vigilance.

Evil doesn’t shrug and smile diminutively that he tried his best. He does whatever it takes – sooner or later.

So what really changed this time?  Or didn’t…?

Our Congress. Our House. Our Senate… are still petulantly divided . And will be until we “duh American People” twist their nuts. And, particularly for all those new women in the Senate and House, put their tits in a wringer.

To keep their attention: Stop paying taxes until they relinquish their health, haircut and manicure benefits; Seize their outlier bank accounts and deny them face time on TV; Bivouac them on the street corners of Detroit and Camden; Enroll their children in our destitute public schools; Enlist their brothers and sisters in our military spread over 65 countries; Cut off all support to ‘their future business partners’ at the supercilious UN, and force the devout orthodoxy to eat their young.

I’ve got plenty more.

Otherwise, what will ever change? You may not believe an enemy on his knees. But at least you’ve got him where you can hold his ears apart.

Look, nothing changes until politics become local. Like it did in the 60s. And it did when the working man wanted some time for a life. Like it did when the Bolsheviks killed the Czar and the French killed the petite bourgeois….

Or else life just goes on in the footsteps of its greedy mistakes. We ended the Great War, only to find ourselves in Korea, then Vietnam, the Cold War, the  Trade wars, the WMD wars, the Taliban wars, the Arab Spring and the inevitable Iranian war…

Empires come. Shoot their wads. And go. Only to be reborn again in another time. Perhaps not exactly in the same place, but always of the same mind-bent on the matters that always matter, until they don’t matter.

And we, the schmucks, are caught up in the whirlwind of our ordinary lives. We are slaves to our washing machines and our vanities. The only lesson we learn from history is that we learn history is a circle, like the game of baseball.  We can root-root–root for the home team. And if they don’t win, they’ll always be another game tomorrow. Much like all the other games already played.

Meanwhile we happily splash about in our ignorance. We have a Presidential election system where the President could lose the popular vote but assume office on the vote of the Electoral College. And few of us ‘American people’ even grasp whatever the hell is the Electoral College.

Folks still think that the majority rules in this country without considering the rights of minorities, who indubitably will one-day, very-soon be a veritable majority. Just as it was feared of the Hebrews enslaved for 400 years in Egypt and the blacks enslaved officially for 250 years in America. This all amounts to three wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for dinner — today. But like Miss Scarlet declared: “Tomorrow is another day.”

Does anyone understand that yesterday we elected the President of the most powerful military country on the planet. Yet a country that is bankrupt, as are many – if not most — of the countries that comprise Western Civilization. We will all soon end up like Greece – only without the good climate.

But like Greece, in recent months, we inevitably will turn upon our own. In tribal renegades, like the Arabs and Africans, thuggery will reign over our sisters and the most vulnerable as the thin thread of civilized society unravels quickly.

Yesterday we elected a President of the most powerful country on the planet – a country that cannot sustain itself economically in the wars against outside enemies. But more particularly of its enemies within.

Voting is about as essential as washing one’s face.  In the long run it don’t change nuttin’. But for the moment, you feel cleansed. Everything is ephemeral. And I voted in yesterday’s election.  Not merely for a man, but for U.S. Supreme Court justices. And the same rights for all Americans under the same laws, including women and gays. And the freedom to not only be able to live with dignity, but die with noble majesty.

That was why I voted yesterday. That was then. Tomorrow is now. And that’s what frightens me to quiver like a shivering autumn leaf.

As a journalist, adventurer and entrepreneur I have worked and lived in much of the world that is not listed on the top 100,000 places to go on vacation.

And what have I seen?

I have seen the enemy. And, indeed, it looks and acts just like us. So, welcome to the past where everything has already happened. As always, the past is merely prologue for tomorrow. And tomorrow’s the day we worried about yesterday.

I have seen the future. And even if I were blind doesn’t mean I still can’t see what’s coming.

So, please, stop the world. I wanna get off now….I well exercised my duty. I learned the issues. I voted. So why do they keep demanding more? More is no longer an option when we’ve only got less.

And dats yDrewIS on DIS penal colony…

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