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Giving money and power to the government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys. And this one time I’d rather give it to the lawyers. Who cares if they kill themselves? It’s time to start suing the Feds, State and local…

I was reading an editorial in a Philadelphia newspaper the other day that was absolutely bodacious. If not audacious! A few short years ago this would have been considered mendacious… Hell…downright heresy! The Daily News was blatantly suggesting that we … Continue reading

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Light travels faster than sound. That’s why some people appear bright, until you hear them speak. It’s almost incongruous. Maybe that’s why you can’t believe the stupid things we all say…But that’s why G-d made bourbon…Isn’t it?

Only our car headlights enabled us to carve our way around the guardrail-less, mountain road in western North Carolina. It was a starry-starry night long remembered in the backward smiles of my youthful stoopidity. We were weaving ‘down-the-road-just-a-piece’ as our … Continue reading

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I need some advice…that is, before I ain’t even got a pot left to piss in…or can’t even afford to get naked…’THEY’ are lying to us. And this shit has got to stop…that is, before us folks really get pissed worse than an Irishman without a beer…

I need some advice… But Dear Abby is recently dead. My mother is 92-years-old.  My brother the heart-surgeon has always been seriously afflicted with judgmental hard-heartedness. My exes prefer I don’t call when they are flat on their backs — … Continue reading

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Letting people out of jails or hospitals is a good thing…that is as long as the former resident has been given a memento to remind him there are consequences for the past, present and what’s-to-come. I was trying to explain that to the hospital when they told me they were releasing Pete…

A few years back, when a recently elected Philadelphia Judge was then an Assistant District Attorney, he called and left a message on my answering machine: “Have you ever considered moving?” he queried as more of a recommendation rather than … Continue reading

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