A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else. When people are lame they love to blame. Then again, I envy people who drink too heavily and overdo drugs; at least they know what to blame everything on…

As my dear ol’ bourbon sippin’ Pappy used to exhale between those omnipotent puffs on his omniscient corn cob pipe: Blaming others is like a rockin’ chair – It don’t get you nowhere. But it sure gives you something to do.


And we all seem to be doing a lot of whining and complaining and kvetching and blaming these days – about everything…everywhere on the planet. How things ‘should-be’ and oughtta-be. You know: ‘If I were King…’ And all that sort of trash talk.

In Philadelphia everybody is still blaming that idiot Municipal Court Judge who has been married to a cop for years, for not recusing himself. He dismissed charges against another cop in serious need of anger management.

The ‘other’ cop is about the size of a Buick, with a rap ‘personnel’ sheet checkered with short-fused moments. The pugnacious Cossack was videotaped cold cocking an undersized Latino woman. She apparently wasn’t the one who did what somebody else had putatively done – spray a bit of beer at a festival where the police were supposedly there to restrain any violence, not incite it with free dental work.

You can’t blame the judge for being stooo-pid. (He is what he looks like – a missing DNA link.) Or, the cop for being dumb, as well as deceitful in trying to cover his tracks by running the victim up on trumped-up charges. (He, too, is what his Mama raised.) You can’t even blame the entire court system for being totally daft. (Overrun by fools. Out-ruled by idiots. It is what is — a confederacy of inept, greedy, dunces.)

If there is blame, then blame me, and you, and everybody else that has allowed a system of picking and electing stooo-pid incompetent corrupt and shameless (until caught) people. And before you can stuff all the cash and favors into all their envelopes, they are what they already were – brazenly cheeky. No sooner are they sworn in with promises to be honorable and responsible, they act worse than the incorrigible criminals they are supposed to be tenaciously adjudicating.

And if you aren’t familiar with my vile convictions about our abominable law and judicial system by now, then you’ve must be deafer, dumber and blinder than that stooo-pid Municipal Court Judge Patrick Dugan was elected to be.

Hmm… It is what it is… Life is for the bad, dumb and ugly. And he is something uglier than dumb.

At the same time, how can we blame our leaders and representatives for ‘duh-latest’ Washington fiasco, known as the Grand Sequester? Just like how do we blame the Israelis for being reluctant to negotiate with a group of Palestinians whose only purpose is to try to finish what Hitler and the Inquisitions and the Romans and just about everybody else only began to do?

Or, how do we blame higher taxes when our sources of revenue have been outsourced to China? And how do we blame Wall Street for being spoiled children? It’s like blaming your kids for not being you.  Because every time Wall Street turns into the Wailing Wall we keep bailing them out. (Please Lord, stop forgiving them…for they damn well know what they be doing…)

And how do we blame the people we elected and those they appointed to resolve all these and those dilemmas? I mean, we knew going in they weren’t nothing but politicians. They ain’t no stand up guys. They won’t offer any real plans. And the only time they stand up is when they want to blame someone.

Look at Adam: The first time he had the chance he stood up and laid the blame on a woman. Of course, who could blame him? After all, it was a man’s world until Eve came ‘ribbing’ along.

Do you get my downwind cigar smoke here? Or do you need an explosive smack from a drone?

To err is human. To blame is politics. And I understand that a statesman ain’t nothing but a dead politician. Obviously, we need more statesmen.

There are always folks to blame. But like my dear ol’ bourbon sippin’ Pappy always exhaled between those omnipotent puffs on those omniscient corn cob  pipes: A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.

Listen up folks, just because it may not look like it – especially since Bush and Dick and the (un)Patriot Act – we do live in an unprecedented Democracy. And that ain’t easy.

Democracy requires the most participation by us common folks than any lesser form of government in the world. We gotta be informed. Educated. Vocal. And demanding. We gotta protest. Be knowledgeable.  Beat the bloody drums!

At the same time we’ve gots to vote for more than just the next American Idol. Especially write-in votes and Third Party candidates.  Like our great forefathers did in creating this great ‘country’ house, we’ve got to continue the battle — make a noise so over-deafening while we are still here that when we are no longer here our silence is even more deafening.

And we need to be knowing and doing more — rather than less — to keep ourselves free from folks who’d like to rob, rape and pillage all our liberties.

This vital vigilance don’t come from watching ESPN all duh time. TV is a great escape, indeed, but most of us ain’t doing nuttin’ but escaping. And, you should well know from the mighty mess we’re in, if you ain’t takin’ care of ‘bid-ness’, somebody or other is always going to be giving you duh bidness. And then you’ll be scratching and kvetching about how things oughtta be… but they never really were,

Democracy isn’t merely a process by which people choose the man or woman who’ll get the blame. And I’ve really got to emphasize here that, if you don’t do your part, don’t be blaming G-d…We have bad leaders and government and corporations and taxes and what-not because we think somebody else – like a Messiah – is going to rescue us from our own stooo-pidity.

Well, our time is now.  Only G-d’s time is eternal… And while you may faithfully believe you will live into eternity, you still gotta have food, clothing and shelter… and enough to pay the butcher, the baker and everything else that is making life too expensive to live like a civilized human being.

Hmm… Think about it: If you can’t afford to cope in this life, how in hell do you think you’re going to afford the ticket to the hereafter?

I am on this kick today because it seems we are taught that you must blame your father, your sisters, your brothers, the school, the teachers… but never blame yourself. It’s never your fault.  In other words, if at first you don’t succeed, blame your parents. Hell, even better, blame life. Life definitely is the blame.

But it’s always our fault, because if we really want change we’re the ones who have got to change. And the first thing we’ve got to change is our minds. It’s simple: When we blame others, we give up our power to change.

Philadelphians are always shrugging about ‘that’s-the-way-things-are-in-Philadelphia.’  Well, as long as we allow them, we enable them. And dats duh way things will always be.

But I’m not here to lecture. Or proselytize. When people are lame they love to blame. We even complain about duh weather.


I figure what got to me, what dropped one too many pebbles into my overpriced shoes, was the utter arrogance and insolence of yet another Judge. This time it was that Philadelphia municipal judge dismissing the video evidence nailing that rogue cop. And then this supercilious ‘his honor’ got really bodacious and blamed the media.

But of course: Shoot the bloody messenger pigeon!

Once again, another vapid, vile, vicious outlaw… a pious, card-carrying, sanctimonious, insipid twit of our judiciary kidnapped justice in broad daylight and hid it in the law. I blame his parents for not eating their young.

His self-serving ruling was blinding in its feral, haughty, parsimonious pathos for just who and whom the law is supposed to serve. Tyranny is when people fear the government. Democracy is when the government fears its people.

Nobody is fearing us. And we’ve got nobody to blame but ourselves.

Indeed, life is to blame for everything. But that’s life, ain’t it? Blaming somebody else…

But of course.

And dats yDrewIS on dis penal colony…

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