It’s no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction; fiction has to be believable. And the government expects us to believe their ‘strange truth’… that it is ONLY doing what they say they are only doing – even AFTER the whistle is blown. Their ‘truth’ is yet another strange reason of why I drink…heavily.

I am going back to drinking…


Prune juice and Viagra… What duh hell; what duh heck. In these days of government lies, deceits and so many cheats, I don’t know if I am coming or going, anyway.


My Weekly Reader told me 50 years ago that the government is my friend. Of course, that was the government talking.

And then came the 11-year, tumultuous Vietnam conflict. It taught me that the first casualty of war is truth; after that it is all propaganda…made popular by what the least intelligent among us comprehends after the 17-thousandth Instant Replay.

It is absolutely astounding to think after all that has happened in this country the last few decades that so many people still have this blind, deaf and dumb Calvinist faith that government is our comrade. That it is managed by homophobic Boy Scouts instead of pedophile priests — and therefore we don’t need protections against it.

Hmm… Make that a triple martini, barkeep!

All these lies and lying liars just keep playing shell games – and not only with our privacy rights!

In mere recent times it reaches back to Ellsberg’s 47-volume Pentagon Papers, documenting that our government mismanaged and lied about the Vietnam War. Now, of course there is the latest triumph of truth, justice and the American way – the Edward Snowden affair. And we can all finally throw away our lithium and other psychotropic drugs being forced fed by Big Pharma. We aren’t paranoid, after all. Duh government really is listening in on our psycho babble.


Another broken condom here!

Anyone not totally distracted by our malicious Credit Rating please lick your over-whitened teeth to demonstrate an intelligence that isn’t messianic. That is, you aren’t obliged to assume that the government is only doing what it says it is only doing.’ And not what the whistle-blowers are authenticating about the arrogance of abuse of those in powerful authority. (Okay, perhaps they don’t do it ‘wittingly’ as that chief of National Security demurred baldly before Congress when queried if he was reading the tea-leaves in our personal toilet bowls.)

At such moments we all are thunderstruck. These supercilious guys in government Nazi-land obviously spend too much overtime mentally circle-jerking. They don’t seem to comprehend that democracy is more than two wolves and a sheep deciding on what to have for dinner.

But of course we get the government we deserve. Even our President Obama – rumored to be a constitutional lawyer — is self delusional. Waving off the latest brouhaha, the Prez maintained that it is worth “giving up a little privacy for more security.”

Say wot? Define ‘a little.’ And when does a little become a supertanker?

Let us not forget that sometimes – such as in marriage – we are sleeping with the enemy. And like I said up top, the government ain’t our friend. Terrorism is, in good part, an effective piece of government propaganda. It serves to deflect attention from governmental abuses and towards a ‘schizophrenic’ enemy made out to be storming into our bedrooms.

Hmm… just like our government.

Let me repeat that, this way: We pay for our government to protect us – and not people who don’t want us in Afghanistan.

Our keepers of the torch of liberty should have solicited our consent before they bulldozed our texts and conversations into a latest ‘tell-all’ best seller. (After all, didn’t they announce, and then afflict us truculently, with puerile, uncoordinated color-coded alerts to manipulate our daily anxiety levels after 911?)

Because they didn’t ask us first, this so-called ‘peccadillo’ has transgressed into a major faux pas of the Republic. It highlights what has been said and written by political outliers – more than George Orwell and Ayn Rand — time and again: That we the public, the taxpayers, the non-voters, the dupes, the sheep… and such, are actually not in control of our government. In case you’ve forgotten those immortal words, it is a government that is putatively for duh people, by duh people and of duh people!

Whoa, barkeep!!! Where you going with that bottle?

The problem seems to be not that our souls are so easily bought for a few pieces of silver — such as T&A and football. We mostly don’t want to know… at least until it becomes too late.

And, meanwhile, indifference has sprouted to be our worst social disease.

Worse yet, we are bloody proud to be uninformed and therefore so easily manipulated. Most of us are no longer aware of what the constitution says and what our rights are. And for this we have fallen into the hands, instead of the arms, of much-much-too-much-overpaid lawyers.

And because of our solipsistic petulance we are often very passive about what happens when the government violates the very rights that our soldiers froze to death fighting for at Valley Forge. Fear mongering succeeds because ignorance is a weapon like propaganda: When we are stoopid it is easier for any government to frighten us into submission.

Indeed, knowledge is power!

What we have here is ‘ADD’. That is, Attention Deficit Democracy! Our memories are shorter than my over-circumcised winky, and retain less than my last ex-wife’s AAA trainer cups.

I mean how many reminders do we need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that our government is run by politicians who can’t run their kids’ lemonade stands without backing from Fannie Mae. It is worse than an over-crazed stampede of Vulcans in heat! And what’s even more shameless is there are no consequences; we aren’t slicing off gonads and withholding pensions – forever! We aren’t UN-electing them!

In addition to Snowden’s NSA leaks and Benghazi, the IRS’s $49 million dollar debaucheries, Weapons of Mass Destruction, WikiLeaks… the confederacy of dunces keep parading endlessly over the edge of horizon. And this one of eavesdropping into our private lives involves Booz Allen Hamilton, a consulting firm, like Blackwater, acting as mercenaries – subcontractors — to do what our too-big-to-govern government is obviously too incompetent to do itself.

And, just for your information, Booz Allen Hamilton is a private contractor that reaps the vast majority of its $6 billion annual income from our National Security Agency. And Booz Allen happens to be owned by the Carlyle Group. And if I am not mistaken, aren’t the Bush’s steeped into the hierarchy of the Carlyle Group. And isn’t that the ‘investment fund’ that has banking tentacles throughout the globe of former world leaders who are now shamelessly plundering for personal profit? (Do Panama, Kuwait, Iraq, Guinea and other hotspots come to mind.?


Am I the only one figuring out that we have so much corruption, war and institutionalized abuse of our rights because the rich get money and the rest of us get medals!? You know, like those Purple Hearts reminding us that being shot in the gluteus maximus is not the worst wound barely covered by our health insurance. Think of hospital gowns and you’ll understand how barely covered you are.

So, I ask once again: Since when does revealing THE TRUTH become a revolutionary act. Downright treason as that lapel patriot House Speaker John Boehner burped backwards on national TV.

Indeed, political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable.

But I am more than a little confused this time. I mean Snowden is all of 29. A high school drop out. And he manages to be the only stand-up guy in ‘the Firm.’ I knew there was at least two guys in Washington with a conscience.

And all the while the government’s propaganda tool is trying to blame him for telling us what most of Congress and Washington already knew. And thought it perfectly OK. That is, as long as duh rest of us were kept in the darkness. As in silent dungeons, choking on our own ignorance, like a man in an iron mask.

Obviously it’s perfectly okay for us folks who must pay for our own food, clothing and shelter, as well as our own haircuts, healthcare, per-diems, cars, and domestics not to know what those sponges in Congress and the rest of Washington apparently are on a-need-to-know-basis.

Snowden is hiding out from more than sniper fire in Hong Kong. He says he did nothing wrong. And he didn’t. We did. Our government did. Our constitution was defiled. He decided the public needed to know of what he found to be the greatest abuses of a surveillance state. And he saw the monster these architects of oppression had created growing even more reckless down the long, lonesome road. So he gave the information to the Press – perhaps the last bastion of free speech.

Snowden took all the risk. And we are to reap all the reward.

I, for one, will never abandon this brother.

He is someone to whom we should all raise our glasses and drink to…heavily.

And dats yDrewIS on dis penal colony…


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