On July 4th we celebrate independence. Among other matters we detested being taxed without representation. Unfortunately, 237 years later we are being taxed with mis-representation. Those in authority eat up too much in taxes. And we-duh-people are starving for our independence — again…

The following thought – even though it has little directly to do with U.S. Sen. John McCain — is not anymore flawed, than the former Presidential candidate’s problematic military, marriage and métier record.

Hmm…this could prove interesting…So follow me here:

Love is an exploding cigar on which we all willingly puff. In other words, it is a temporary insanity cured by marriage.

Temporary solutions often become permanent problems. And rather costly…

Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program.

Marriage is one of those government programs. It exists to generate more future taxpayers to support more temporary taxes.

Supposedly everything in life – including marriage — is temporary. That means everything is bound to end. That is everything except death… and taxes. And the only difference between the two is that death seems more stable. I mean death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.

And everytime Congress or a State Legislature convenes we seem to have a temporary tax being extended permanently. Like in my hometown of Philadelphia where Pennsylvania state government will no doubt permanently extend the city’s temporary, 4-year-old, 1% sales-tax hike — now at 8%.

And that’s because we seem to have a system where people try to live within their income so they can temporarily afford to pay taxes to a government that permanently can’t live within its income.

That is why we literally don’t pay taxes, they take taxes – whether temporary or permanent. In other words, the reward for ambitious vigor, enterprise and thrift is taxes, taxes and surtaxes.

Hmm…In levying taxes and in shearing sheep doesn’t it make common sense to stop when you get down to the skin?

Yet, common sense seems to have gotten lost in the sea of euphoria at the IRS multimillion-dollar Bacchanalian parties.

Meanwhile, some consider it progress – although dubious – that the average American now pays out well over thrice as much in taxes as he formerly got in wages in the 80-year history of the income tax.

Hmm… But who, except the rich, is complaining? I mean I am proud to pay taxes in the USA; the only thing is, I would be just as proud to pay half the money.

After all, it has often been stipulated that collecting more taxes than absolutely necessary is, indeed, legalized robbery.

Then again, I guess we’ll have to get to defining what is absolutely necessary.

Which brings us back to my original conundrum of love, marriage and taxes.

Doesn’t it seem that the way taxes have become so toxic you might as well marry for love?

But of course!

But if I’ve learned anything from my many once-amorous exes it’s that anybody who tells you they’ll love you longer than the weekend is lying. That is, except if there are permanent or temporary benefits to levy. And that is before, as the song chirps, the levee runs dry.

Hmm… Pauses you to perhaps ponder the possibility that love could be the most dreadful disguise that perfidy assumes.

And you think I’m not a romantic???

Which is the problem I have with the problematic likes of John McCain and duh utter members of Congress who are hawkish to spend our limited tax dollars on everybody’s else’s business except ours. They promise to always love, cherish and protect us – their fellow Americans. That they’re doing it for our own good. And the good of the country.

But of course! You know: Friends, Romans, Countrymen: Lend me your ears…

Let me suggest from Sen. McCain’s long and apocryphal misrepresentations that what is good for Mr. McCain is first and foremost. And it may – or may not — trickle down for the good of us other Americans hunchbacked by a surfeit of taxes. Remember, there is something different about the rich – they pay less taxes.

No one is denying that we owe the government its duty. But what does the government owe us? Its real goal should be reduced government spending, rather than balanced budgets achieved by rising tax rates to cover ever rising spending.

In other words: What is ‘absolutely necessary’?

The constitution stipulates that Congress shall have its powers. And as far as I can figure it is mainly to coin money, keep the taxes and regulations at a manageable rate, raise a military, appoint a judiciary, make sure the mail is delivered and the roads stay open. Other than that they are to mostly to do little more than wander the verdant fairways of their mostly white-like-us country clubs.

(I’d also opt for an affordable, if not operative, legal and healthcare system. Hey, my big-brudder-duh-heart-doc plants stents for a living. And I’ve got a repaired ticker. And with my last future-ex-wife I am in need of a legal system that is proactive. And not one that is merely venal, vapid and vile. Namely, reactive – until they hear duh whole truth, and nuttin’ but.)

However, Washington and our State capitals are places where power belongs to those who bought it, or seized it – whether or not it was done democratically or gerrymandered. Like everything in America: All politics simply has a price.

The fact is, politicians don’t know which way is up and taxes don’t know which way is down. To them tax reform is taking taxes off things that have been taxed in the past and putting taxes on things that haven’t been taxed before. These guys absurdly misconstrue that not raising taxes as being a tax cut.

Hence the oxymoron: Government worker.

Look, it’s one thing to hate big government. But what I really hate is a government that is too big to work. So it doesn’t. Oh, it works for those who are supposedly working it for a living. As well as those who are suckling at the teats of our tax dollars.

But it is downright mendacious when Congress power points that our only choice is to raise taxes or cut core services, like education. That is not only bogus and deceiving, it headlines in neon that the only way we should be talking to these oxy-morons is ‘down!’

A new universe will be pioneered before it dawns on these miscreants – especially in Washington – that it is long past their errant tee shots to stop talking about new, temporary or permanent taxes. They should put their money where their mouths are and start creating new taxpayers. And that basically means jobs. You don’t invent jobs by passing bills, you create jobs by cutting taxes!

Obviously the demonstrable problem in Congress is too many obfuscating lawyers and too few businessmen, tradesmen, farmers, housewives and such. The legal beagles lack the justice of common sense in governing America.


We have a system that is broken and adverse to progress. The system increasingly taxes work and subsidizes non-work. Let me repeat: There is no such thing as a temporary tax or subsidy. We don’t seem to ever relinquish a tariff.

But hope is always the last bastard to die. We the people hope our government will finally do its job; to do what we are paying heavy levies for it to do. We are starved for action. We are hungry because those in authority eat up too much in taxes.

Yet we continue to be seduced. We fall for the same pedifoggery and tomfoolery our asinine politicians repeat, repeat and keep getting re-elected to repeat. And we continue to love – or at least, endure — the scoundrels because we think love is finding someone we can tolerate being annoyed by.

Well, as temporary taxes continue into permanence. And as our hunger pangs do little more than annoy us, we will continue puffing on that exploding cigar. At least until the Big Bang.

Indeed, love is a temporary insanity cured by marriage. And although marriage is an institution, who the hell wants to be institutionalized? That’s where temporary craziness becomes permanent insanity. Love becomes the crocodile in a river of desire. And desire is the cause of all action. When we are hungry enough we will act. We will again declare our independence – not from taxes without representation. But from taxes with misrepresentation.

And dats yDrewIS on dis penal colony…

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