I am free of all prejudices. I hate everyone equally… even equal parts of myself. The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. You could literally be perfect and people would still hate you, for being perfect. And this is going to be a perfectly terrible Mother’s Day in Nigeria. And where is our outrage?!

Last week many of the good folks of the U-S-of-A, with a collective IQ lower than the wattage produced by a gerbil spinning its running-wheel, were outraged… Outraged!… about an NBA basketball owner referring to black people as black people.

Hmm… I’ve called Italians much worse. (Read last week’s yDrewIS.com and find out we are all racists.)

Soon thereafter the useless mob of massive fools were also outraged… outraged!… by the botched capital punishment of that killer in Oklahoma. I mean this guy participated in raping, beating and burying a woman alive until she slowly suffocated. And the outrage was that the fatal injection didn’t kill him fast enough – it supposedly took 20 minutes for his heart to fail.

You mean he-had-a-heart?!


Hmm… There is nothing more foolish, nothing more given to outrage than stoopid people in search of intelligent life, forming a useless mob. I mean these are the same people that if you were literally perfect would still hate you — for being perfect!

And this Sunday is, perfectly fitting, Mother’s Day…

Hmm… And you won’t be able to get a seat in a restaurant. Except in Nigeria.

Because at least 276 mothers in northern Nigeria don’t have their teenage high school daughters to take them out to dinner. Or, even worse, wrap them in their arms and bless them. Because a bunch of ignorant, barbarian Muslim thugs known as the Boko Haram – that stands for ‘Western education is sinful’ — kidnapped them. And are selling them into sex slavery for $12 a piece…

It’s a medieval kind of slavery. They capture women and then sell them off.

Hmm… Take my ex-wife, please!

So where is our national outrage!

I mean to salvage its plummeting TV ratings CNN whipped us into a stupor for weeks about a missing Malaysian airline with what? 239 aboard? And the fledging NBA players union seized upon an 81 year old dinosaur being illegally taped by his American-African-Mexican 31-year-old scorned, gold-digging, ‘material-girlfriend’. And the next thing you knew there was indignant, doofus hysterical American outrage.

And of course there is all this outrage… outrage!… over 5 professional sports franchises having derogatory American Indian logos and mascots. After more than four scores and seven years it is finally dawning on us anthropomorphic sports dupes that our ‘creation’ really is no different than what we sought to leave behind and came here to protest. Instead of freedom and equality we still are afflicted with taxation without representation and disrespect for all.

We be doing to ‘utters’ as they done did unto us.

That seems to be how the whole scheme of things work. All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get.

And now we don’t seem to be getting that what started out with over 300 girls – this time — kidnapped by ignorant, jihad brutes who can’t even spell ‘IQ’. Steeped into their DNA they still want to drag women around by their hair.

The Boko Haram have killed something like 1500 folks in the past year in a country whose President is named Goodluck and his first lady, Patience. And this reigning pair, with the faux sympathy of our erstwhile reigning couple of Nancy and Ron, initially accused duh ‘mothers’ of staging the abduction to undermine Goodluck’s regime.

Hmm… good luck with that…

I mean we’ve got the Press screaming about Ukraine and Syria and trying to whip us up into a war against the cruel Russian Bear. We invaded Iraq on nothing more than an unfounded whiff of oil… ah-hem… I mean weapons of mass destruction. We sacrificed thousands of American lives in that abominable abyss of Afghanistan where they sleep with their camels and stone their wives.

And now there is the worse horror imaginable going on in Nigeria. And it’s taken weeks to even make the inside pages of the news. And do you hear a peep from the creeps who just couldn’t wait to get in line to roar their outrage about ‘injustices’ just last week?!

Waaaaa! Waaaaaa! He called me a name. He said I was black.

Nigeria is a former British colony that in 1960 reformulated itself on American statehood, constitution and democracy – about as badly as we have. So where is the outrage? Or at least the drum beats of war against another Muslim sect that has killed unobstructed. They abstrusely cross the porous Northern Nigerian borders into Cameroon, Chad and what-not.

I just don’t understand. Actually I do. But let’s pretend black, white, brown, red and purple Americans really don’t look upon most of the central and sub Saharan African people as something far less than human – that is except if they can dunk a basketball.

We don’t seem to remember that we marched to preserve the sovereignty of Kuwait’s oil.


And, unless you spent 12 years in the third grade, you should know that Nigeria also has lots of oil. Nigeria also has a bunch of corrupt clowns in its capital of Abuja just like we have in Washington. It has squandered, robbed, raped and pillaged its wealth – much like us. And for our G-d loving predominantly Christian country Nigeria has all sorts of amok jihad Muslims – particularly in its northern region — whom we love to hate.

It is a candy store of what we love to hate…or is it hate to love?

Hmm… I get soooo bloody confused these days. What I do know is that the opposite of love is not hate – it is indifference.

So where are the voices of outrage?! Where is that money-marrying, petulant, spoiled Sen. John McCain who is always roaring for another war most anywhere? Hell how come the NAACP isn’t withdrawing a lifetime achievement award or something? Where is the voice of the likes of Magic Johnson… now?!

As you might recall I worked and roamed West Africa off and on for some 3 years. I witnessed racism there of lighter skin blacks on darker ones that would make our bible toting KKK crackers puff prouder than a winner in a cock fight.

And here we have these lowlife, scurrilous rifle toting half-witted daughter-snatching Boko Haram goons shooting off with Allahu akbar! Or G-d is great. And snatching hundreds of teenage high school girls. To put it in understandable bumper sticker terms: They are denying these young women the right to be all they can be.

Look, Goodluck Johanson, in trying to up his despicable disapproval ratings, is finally begging us, the UN and the world for help. We are actually being invited to come in and kick the asses of folks we just love to nuke, drone and Delta Force back to Mecca. And the best part is we don’t have to linger about for eons, wasting more American blood, to democratize Nigeria’s already mirror image of our corrupt democracy.

It’s a perfect script for all of us who scream for: “Justice!” They be just like you, me and all duh rest of us – racists, egalitarians and abject criminal capitalists.

Do I need to remind you that  Mother’s Day is in a couple of days. We owe it to all the mothers about the world to do something right this time. And for the right cause. To strike a blow for something more noble than oil. If not we will soon come to realize that the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws. And for you Darwin evolution believers you will soon see that mothers have more than two hands.

Just remember: G-d could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.

And dats yDrewIS on dis penal colony…


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