Potty training is supposed to happen at home. So why is the government, the police, our lawyers and our courts still shitting on us in public? If everybody forgets to tell the truth what is the purpose of the police and witnesses. And if the courts forget its purpose is to reform as well as punish, then why this charade? Obviously we need to spill blood… because sad people remember the laws of G-d and man more than happy ones…

The other Thursday I decided to have a real-old-fashion Thanksgiving celebration — like the Pilgrims and the Indians. So I prepared a feast for my neighbors and friends.

We ate. We toasted. We consummated with a few squaws.

And then I killed them all.

And then I lied.

And then, since there were no witnesses there was no justice.


Like I said: A real old-fashion Thanksgiving debauchery… what a bloody feast! Like the first one in 1621, a few months after the Pilgrims landed. And the American Indians helped care for them and nurture them in the New World. And then our early pious settlers killed them… stole from them… robbed them… scalped them. And, as with the harshness of the Spanish Inquisition, converted them…

And then still marched them to death on the Trail of Tears.

It’s our bloody history. It’s the world’s history. It’s what man does. To the victors we lose our virginity. It’s good to be king, isn’t it?

And over the years the gas may have passed — somewhat. However, the stink still lingers. It’s not that we are all xenophobic, intolerant, butt-sniffing dogs. It’s just that enough of us really are racists – especially when you consider that a racist, as once defined to me by an old friend and erstwhile popular black journalist, is someone who dislikes someone else — African, Jewish, Asian, Irish, Arab, Spanish, etc… — ‘MORE than he is suppose to.’


I think some of my exes dislike me more than they are suppose to. But does that make them anti-semantic?

Anyway, now we have the combustion of stupidity – in places like Ferguson, Mo. And the insane choke-hold in Staten Island, N.Y. And the trigger-idiot rookie cop shooting a 12 year old in Cleveland. Adding fuel to the fire of this inanity we have everybody else not doing their job.

Like a couple of judges, particularly in my Philadelphia, ‘finally!’ being sent to jail. And another forced to resign from our state Supreme Court.

And for what? For being dumber, more ignorant and just plain stupider than even the aforementioned cops in their abrogated duty to serve and protect one and all?

Let me not forget to sprinkle in our inept U.S. Congress accomplishing absolutely nothing in service to our country. And a President who is nothing more than an ideologue. And lawyers who are nothing more than venal, vile and unvirtuous. And the Grand Jury system that usually indicts a ham sandwich but has lately become nothing more than futile display of social injustice. And an election system that is totally manipulated by nothing more than 100 (100!) of the richest folks in the country. And then there is the 99 percent versus one percent prosperity-disparity where a mere 85 individuals hold more wealth than the other 350 million of us combined.


Nothing more. Nothing less. And then there is the enemy. And it is us. I mean, surprise, surprise! Our barbaric CIA actually tortures people. Then lies, denies, deceives and misleads. And I thought all that was illegal, immoral, not to mention downright wrong?

Stop the presses! Silly me. Just more of the people who are supposed to serve and protect.

And just think, in a meager 240 years all this is what America, the New World, the land of the free, the brave and indentured-servitude has become.


And it is even more unbecoming about the globe.

Syria is imploding. Iraq and Afghanistan are exploding. West Africa is digesting Ebola. The Palestinians don’t give a shit about a homeland… they merely desire the total destruction of Israel. Western Europe is going bankrupt – morally and fiscally. And Russia and China can’t quite decide whether to go left, or right, or back into history.

And all about this earthly prairie fire, we… us… who are relinquishing our battle-scarred, battle-won and battle-weary liberties … are focused not on the battle, but on the end zone circle jerk of the mercenaries of football.


What a country!

Ain’t life just a grand adventure in repetition and redundancy? For hundreds of years it was mostly the Pope, cardinals, kings and other religious babbitts seducing our last few shekels for their personal joy-ride to heaven on earth. And now we’ve got the same folks in different collars and cloaks still sticking and licking us today. They are perfectly willing to pick our pockets and steal our souls in trade for a cheap strip-show here and an unfulfilled-promise there.

Such is the illusion. The magic show. The assurance of heaven, but the deliverance of hell. Our ship of fools continues to sail at full mast.

Yet, obviously we’re getting what we deserve. For it is not that we know not what we do. But merely for a few pieces of silver, some tits and ass and a couple of over-priced tickets to more overdoses of runs, passes, kicks and punts we just don’t care what we do… or what the few are doing to the many of us.

Hmm… We’re getting screwed. And they’re not even kissing us first. That is, unless you count the kiss-off!

To tell you the truth it doesn’t bother me that that idiot black guy in Ferguson was ‘unarmed.’ What bothers me is that the cop – whether white, black, Asian or purple – was not only armed, but armed with even more stupidity, attitude, arrogance and ignorance than his anything-but-an-angel victim, Michael Brown.

Brown was a failed result of society’s handiwork. And we hated what we created. Just like he undoubtedly hated the useless behemoth he had become. And the cop, Darren Wilson was a creation of an inept police department that couldn’t manage itself, yet alone manage to protect and serve one and all – equally.

And need I tell you that hatred, plus stupidity, is merely a formula for combustion. Perhaps not this day. Or even tomorrow. But one day, as I witnessed in Africa.

It was a day when a simple-minded argument that amounted to little more than how many fairies could dance on the head of a pin, erupted. In less than 35 minutes it left 87 people dead. And hundreds more missing pieces of themselves from errant machetes. Ears, noses, arms and fingers became finger-food for the vultures. And then there were scores more screaming from their fatal wounds.

In but a moment it had combusted — a wave of long simmering hatred that burned like fire to the powder keg.

Hmm… And it is soon to be coming to a theater near you.

But officer Wilson triggering Brown’s death in the afternoon only bothers me a little more than I am suppose to be bothered. No doubt because it seemed to be mutual recklessness and too much testosterone.

However, what did bother me a lot more than it was suppose to – even more than the repulsive sight of two obese, gap-toothed, human whales copulating — was those idiotic cops in New York’s Staten Island jumping Eric Garner. And killing him.

It doesn’t really matter that the choke-hold is illegal. Because with the billions of laws inflicted on us these days, most everything is illegal. I can’t even get out of bed in the morning without breaking more laws than flatulence.

What matters is for what did a citizen of America die? For selling a few loose cigarettes – some loosies. For that they killed a father trying anything to feed his kids?


Let us not forget that before the thugs of government got into the business of the seven deadly sins, it used to kill and incarcerate the ‘thugs’ who were already in the business of the seven deadly sins.

No shit.

The numbers racket was turned into our lottery. The prohibited boot-legged whiskey was turned into one of the government’s most drunken revenue flows. Outlawed gambling was turned into casinos. Sports betting was turned into football. Illegal drugs was turned into Big Pharma. Voluntary religious tithing was turned into guaranteed college tuitions…

And tobacco – like that of the already over-taxed loosies – apparently is so bad and inherently so evil to our good health, that it isn’t outlawed, or banned, or prohibited… It is just taxed… and taxed… and taxed… with a polite warning, of course. But the duplicitous message in the warning is that our government covets this tax.

It’s good to be king, isn’t it?

But I am having trouble breathing.


The only difference between organized government thuggery and so-called illegal ‘organized’ thuggery, is that the ‘Papal state’ of government issues nicer uniforms.

I want to scream here. In truth I have been screaming since Eric Garner’s final breath last week. I have been screaming like a wounded, caged animal. And now I am screamed out. Besides, my screams seem to have fallen on deaf ears… and the deaf of dumb cops with a past. Like the sanctimonious, choker policeman Daniel Pantaleo, an officer with a distressing past. And his fellow disgrace to the uniform, Justin Damico, an officer with a questionable future.

And more than just the cops who actually jumped on Eric Garner are the cops in the fog of bureaucracy – the sergeants and the captains. They who simply weren’t doing their jobs. That of managing, inspiring, reforming and overseeing…

I am certain that if they had something personal at risk — perhaps the premium payments on the escalating rates of the liability insurance covering their regiments’ overzealous transgressions — they would be motivated to do their jobs. If not better, at least more effectively.

Meanwhile, not only do you have to ask what the hell the police were doing involved in this piddling tax matter, you have to ask: If our law enforcement officers will choke us to death over a few dollars in questionable taxes, what the hell would they do if we actually violated a real law – like killing somebody?

Hmm…. And the answer is that obviously they couldn’t indict us. Even if I was caught on video camera – the same sort of camera the President and our Attorney General want all our police to wear. And not because it will demonstrate the truth as it did with the Garner choking, but because the President and such suspect the cops don’t always tell the truth.

Then again, as I’ve averred many times, it’s not just the cops, it is all of us who lie. Everybody lies. Apparently even Dr. Huxtable.

Hmm… And all this time I thought we were given two ears and only one mouth so that we could listen twice as much as we misspeak.

Meanwhile, another powder keg is now Cleveland. That’s where that officer, who had reportedly displayed emotional problems and poor firearm skills in his former police job, shot and killed a 12-year-old boy toting a toy pistol last month.

The Department of Justice reviewed and examined 600 incidents in Cleveland in which police used some method of force between 2010 and 2013.

And what it revealed, according to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, was “systemic deficiencies, including insufficient accountability, inadequate training and equipment, ineffective policies and inadequate engagement with the community.”

Hmm… That pretty much sums up most of us and our society, doesn’t it?

Our police lack discipline up and down the ranks. Our courts lack purpose up and down its ranks. They forget they are not here merely to punish, but to reform. Our government lacks direction up and down the ranks A nation of sheep demands a shepherd.

And we the people lack focus up and down the ranks.

For all we can see is football. We don’t understand that it is not a game of a ball that takes bad bounces. In fact it is not a game at all. It is a mission. And the mission, like the debauchery of the coliseum in ancient Rome is to distract us from what the one-percent is doing to the 99-percent… of us.

We don’t see what is happening to us, until we are gasping and cannot breathe. We have all become foreigners to one another — in culture and in speech. We don’t speak a common language, we only utter common words. And so much seems to be lost in translation.

So let me leave you with this: All politics are personal. Everything matters. Even ‘nothing’ matters. But if you don’t mind, it don’t matter.

And dats yDrewIS on dis penal colony…

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