Opinions must be able to change. Today’s Post Traumatic Stress was yesterday’s ‘Lack of Moral Fiber.’ Yesterday POW Sgt. Bergdahl became today’s latest victim of the Afghan war. We blame him. We want to punish him. But I want to first shoot so many others who knew what they were doing…

I’ve never quite understood people who seek to be ‘dominated’ sexually. Or submit to other manners of rough sex that doesn’t hold back.

Then again I’ve never understood why I’ve always endeavored to risk my life on grand adventures from here to Bangkok. The truth is, some of them scared me worse than a heart attack. Even the one that subjected me to a quintuple bypass.

No doubt it simply amounts to the obvious: that we are all masochists… gluttons for punishment. Or, perhaps as even G-d’s son uttered upon his final breath: Forgive them, for they’re crazy!

And indeed we are. Most of us don’t know what we’re doing most of the time. If the Old Testament were a reliable guide in just the matter of capital punishment, half of us — at least in the United States — would have to be killed tomorrow.


Which brings me to that American Army soldier Bowe Bergdahl. You know, the guy who either deserted, went AWOL or simply went out for a walk-about in Afghanistan. And ended up being a prisoner of the Taliban for the next five years.

It’s enough to make you wonder if this guy had any idea as to what he was doing?

And now that he’s been rescued in a prisoner swap we’re trying to decide what to do with his ass – more than his misadventure has already done did.

Shoot him. Intern him. Or just dismiss him to a life of bellicose infamy.

Hmm… Everybody is an authority. Everybody has an opinion. Just like everybody has an ass.

Ain’t life a trip… the holier-than-thou are preaching what we all should practice through their supercilious opinions which they formed when they stopped doubting that there might be other possibilities.

In other words, stopped thinking.

And ain’t that the way it is – at least in America.

As that French scribe once noted about the USA: ‘The majority undertakes to supply a multitude of ready-made opinions for the use of individuals, who are thus relieved from the necessity of forming opinions of their own.’

I mean, in a country where most of us can’t figure out how to file our own income taxes… In a country where most of us can’t name the U.S. President from 20 years ago… not to mention 50… In a country where the aliens residing in Indiana and Arkansas are trying to take away more freedoms than the feds didn’t already snatch with the unconstitutional Patriot Act… In a country where our bridges and roads are crumbling while our soldiers are spilling their blood — not to protect us ordinary citizens, but to protect our corporate ‘citizens…’

In a country that can’t even understand the man-in-the-morning-bathroom-mirror we have all decided we can understand that tenuous mind of Bowe Bergdahl. It was his same peculiar mind that reportedly got him psychologically discharged after only 26 days in the U.S. Coast Guard. And then got him into the U.S. Army when the military had lowered standards to meet recruiting targets.

Hmm… Go figure!

And now we are of a revengeful mind to punish him. We want to make an example of him. We want to do to him what more than 12 years of war in Afghanistan has more than done to us. And not just killed and maimed us, but, even worse, humiliated and depleted us.

Once again we want to do this because our reality didn’t conform to our expectations from the moment Bush marched us in there parading everything except bagpipes… and Obama extended our disheartened stay.

One commander of a Special Forces unit operating in Afghanistan during Bergdahl’s time, recently espoused that what Private Bergdahl did was ‘so serious and so appalling, it must be dealt with in a way that deters future desertions…’

Okay… And while I duly respect the commander for his service, I feel the urgent need to remind him, as well as most all of us, that we should flush ‘twice’ before we speak.

Nothing seems to deter the future of desertions. Just looking back passed the last 20 years the number of annual number of deserters in merely the Army have putatively not been lower than 2,200 — and over twice that for some years.

And let me remind you that the punishment for desertion – albeit in time of war — is ‘Death.’ Which seems to me – even when I am sober – should be a pretty serious deterrent.

But then again we all know how the death penalty in America has deterred our fellow Americans from killing each other.

So if the penalty of death for desertion, or 5-year incarceration for AWOL, doesn’t deter our soldiers from fleeing then perhaps we should consider changing our opinions. But that would require changing our minds. And, as we all know, we just aren’t of a mind to do that.

After all, few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are incapable of forming such opinions.

So we relinquish our opinions to the morons and natural tyrants who suffer no doubts.

And now Bergdahl has made us focus our microscopes on a degrading war in a country that neither Alexander the Great nor Genghis Khan nor anyone else could conquer. And we want to take out our anger and blame it all on a dismal guy who probably shouldn’t have been allowed into the Army in the first place – at least not in a sane Army.

Hmm… excuse my oxymoron.

So, I know you are probably demanding to know what duh heck I would do with someone like Bergdahl.

Perhaps, first, I should insist to know what you would do with the leaders and venal bastards who got us into such deep shit in the first place. But their asses are too powerful and too protected by ‘special interests’ for us to touch. So let’s get back to the powerless and unprotected. The private, later promoted in absentia to sergeant, Bergdahl. The debris among the jetsam and flotsam driven crazy by the insane.

Today we call those debilitated by the combats of war as suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disease. Back to just before WWII we called it Combat Fatigue. And before that we officially dismissed the suffering soldier with “Lack of Moral Fiber.”

I point this out not to merely demonstrate my distaste for how we officially discarded our ‘war-wounded,’ but to reveal how we have formally progressed in thinking about them. In other words, how we have managed to change our opinion.

For indeed, in life we all become victims of something, just not the same thing – except for death. And we all need help or treatment from something we’ve witnessed, something we’ve suffered or something we’ve been afflicted with.

We often don’t get a choice. Or if we do, we learn that most our ‘experiences’ come from bad choices. And all choices have consequences.

So let’s just accept that Bowe Bergdahl obviously has a couple of more ‘mental challenges’ than the rest of us crazy folks. And he made a couple more bad choices that landed him the consequence of 5 years as a ‘guest’ of the Taliban.

And now some of us want to add another five years. Or shoot him.

I don’t know if he has already suffered enough. Or suffered too much. I do know there are some people I’d like to shoot in more than their asses. Particularly those who lied and led us into this war. And after them, there are quite a few more who have capitalized from such a war – from ambition to profit. And of course we have all those insane politicians negotiating nuclear war in 5-star hotels in places like Switzerland that I’d like to get into the cross-hairs of my elephant gun.

With so many others deserving a silver bullet I probably would never get down to shooting Bergdahl. Because he didn’t betray his country. Nor the public conscience… I don’t know if I forgive him, exactly, but I do understand that the man had little idea about what he was really doing.

If he betrayed anything at all it was his unwitting refusal to be dominated by the lies of war. Everyone wants something. But I don’t think Bergdahl ever knew what he wanted. Not crazy sex. Nor insane adventures. Indeed he was a masochist like the rest of us. He just didn’t seem to understand you pay a price for everything – especially when you don’t know what it costs.

And dats yDrewIS on dis penal colony…

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