About Drew

yDrewIS is D.I. Strunk. I was a journalist, adventurer and entrepreneur around America and the world for over 20 years, particularly in Africa, Russia and Southeast Asia. My philosophy has always been to amuse, abuse, afflict and comfort. I enjoy myself. I hope you do too.

4 Responses to About Drew

  1. Jose Espinosa says:

    I enjoyed your y Drew Is.I have another way to enhance capital punishment. Put them out on a boat, sink the boat, the fish need to eat, the coral reefs need to expand. Now have a cigar on me.

    • distrunk says:

      I am just beginning to begin to know how to do more than turn my computer off and on. That’s my way of saying I just discovered your note. And since then I have been enjoying a great many cigars, but none on you. I will await the pleasure of your gracious kindness, to — like my cigars — turn my life into ashes. We’ll call it capital punishment — neither delayed nor denied.

  2. Emil Hubschman says:

    I’ve missed your caustic commentaries, let’s catch up

    • distrunk says:

      My mordant wit is always semper paradus….So give me a hoot-n-annie, buy the beer, light up a cigar and be slow to talk and fast to listen….
      Hmm… I’ll think of a few utter acerbic genuflections along duh way…

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