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Bambi has a profound effect on children – like me – because it’s about losing your mother. My ailing mother isn’t the only person begging to die. But right now she is the only person begging me. And I’m a coward. Hell, I am not afraid of dying. I just don’t want to be there when it happens.

If I wasn’t a coward I would have put a pillow over my mother’s imploring face and ended her misery. My misery. Everyone’s misery. But the world is so complicated. So ripe with legalese. We can put an animal out … Continue reading

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The human race is a race of cowards. Including me. When under attack years back in W. Africa I was instructed: ‘Kill them or kill yourself. Because if captured you will suffer ingloriously.’ Hmm… Fortunately I am a poor shot. Or is my brain just too small to hit? And then there was Brittany Maynard…

There’s a long-forgotten joke about this convicted killer. He (pick your least- favorite, dim-witted ethnic) was given a choice of execution by the administering judge. He could die in the electric chair, gas chamber, by hanging… or, by being injected … Continue reading

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Why the hell would a Jew commit suicide in a world ‘so fraught with vile vultures keen at jumping on every opportunity to gamely excise whatever wasn’t already circumcised?’…If only I could still ask Lee…

No one really knows why Lee Lavinson may have killed himself. We only heard when, where, what and how. Some of the details may be a little sketchy. But what I heard is that he macramé a Windsor knot in … Continue reading

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