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We all lie. Not just Lance or Te’o or Bush or Clinton… We lie because it beats the alternative… It’s never going to stop. Never!.. And then there is the troubled soul in the apartment below. He killed his cat and then came after me… Hmm… He definitely wasn’t lying…

The tall man from whom I rent his top floor has a big belly and small feet. So, it is common knowledge that he often has trouble keeping his balance – ‘mentally’ in particular. And there Pete was the other … Continue reading

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No man can be blamed for his father. That was completely his mother’s affair. And, if you don’t like the father you remember, then procure another one…Meanwhile, in the Halls of Justice, justice seems to remain out in the halls…

The other Sunday afternoon, Father’s Day, I was speaking on the phone with my mother. And suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, we were interrupted by a knock on her door at the Senior Citizen’s home. For you few who ain’t regular … Continue reading

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After nearly 90 days our uncivil government hasn’t managed to replace my stolen passport. Indeed government and hell is other people. And we get the government we deserve — for duh people…by duh people…and of duh (in)civil servants…

I deserve a Purple Heart medal. I have been mortally wounded in combat…Please, someone call a Medic. The woman I was passed along to was the supervisor – the head, the chief, the authority in charge, she said, of ‘the … Continue reading

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Now hear this! If you go thru any life and death medical trauma you will inevitably suffer a depression like Post Traumatic Stress. Unless you have an ex-wife who screams that you are bloody nuts. And the nutty docs listen…at first.

I’ve always maintained that there is never a time you can’t find the humor in matters – even when you’re perched before a firing squad. I mean, what the hell…what the hell…what the heck…hang yourself up by the neck. You … Continue reading

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