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Bambi has a profound effect on children – like me – because it’s about losing your mother. My ailing mother isn’t the only person begging to die. But right now she is the only person begging me. And I’m a coward. Hell, I am not afraid of dying. I just don’t want to be there when it happens.

If I wasn’t a coward I would have put a pillow over my mother’s imploring face and ended her misery. My misery. Everyone’s misery. But the world is so complicated. So ripe with legalese. We can put an animal out … Continue reading

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Getting an education is a bit like a communicable sexual disease: It makes you unsuitable for a lot of jobs and then you have the urge to pass it on. Education is what remains after you forget what you learned in school. Yet I retained to never wrestle with a pig: You get dirty. And besides, the pig likes it. And now we have President Obama…

A while back a friend of mine was relating how he lost his grad school fellowship at a large and prestigious university. He refused to tutor remedial reading to some of the undergraduates. Remedial reading. Something you are supposed to … Continue reading

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